Features For Institutions

ExamGeneral is introducing the next generation of administering and taking exams.  Institutions now have an easy to use online exam platform to manage exams and student performance from one, secure and easy to use platform.  

Institutions can maintain control by customizing functionality, accessibility and data to meet their needs.  ExamGeneral’s online platform will easily integrate with the institution’s existing database. 
Institutions can create courses, classes, and exams as well as manage their teachers and students for free.  To allow students to take exams, Institutions can pay on a per-exam or monthly subscription basis. 
When asked, the most common reasons Institutions enjoy using ExamGeneral’s online platform are because they can: 
  • Easily integrate their existing database into the ExamGeneral platform
  • Save money and time by not having to pay for servers, software and additional systems to manage grades and exam history
  • Offer students immediate results
  • Utilize a secure and powerful platform
  • Customize controls to meet their needs
ExamGeneral offers additional features to Institutions designed to make the management of administering exams more efficient:
  • Generate registration ID codes to allow teachers and students to be tied to the institution and see related materials displayed in their dashboards.
  • Manage registration ID codes life duration (to prevent fraud)
  • Associate registration ID code to institution's IDs assigned to students offering an additional way to prevent unauthorized people to join the institution accounts
  • Import list of students with associated IDs
  • Send automated emails for students registration
  • Follow progress of registrations
  • Create courses, exams and classes
  • Available features for courses and exams are the same as those described in the teachers advanced mode features
  • Control teacher authorization to modify courses and exams
  • Assign teachers to classes
  • Suspend individual student accounts to disable the possibility to take exams
  • Display aggregated results per class
  • Import existing course’s list of questions in CSV or proprietary EG formats, allowing an institution to inject pre-existing materials
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