Features For Students

ExamGeneral is introducing the next generation of administering and taking exams.  Students now have an easy to use online exam platform to take exams and view grades immediately.  Students may never have to wait for teachers to finish grading to see how they did on an exam and how they're doing in the class.  

Students can now challenge their friends and share results with their social networks.  ExamGeneral’s online platform promotes the ability for students to see how they’ve performed compared to their peers.  
When asked, the most common reasons students enjoy using ExamGeneral’s online platform are because they can: 
  • Immediately see scores
  • Share results with their friends and family
  • Take exams in a more comfortable environment
  • Save and monitor historical grades
  • Discover new sources of exams to practice their area of learning
  • Sell exams they create
ExamGeneral offers additional features to students designed to make exams a much better experience:   
  • Take public & private exams
  • Store results & grades for future reference
  • Register to classes
  • Take scheduled exams belonging to classes
  • Link to friends and communicate through internal messaging system
  • Compare results with other class' students and with average class grades
  • Create easy exams (activate option in preferences - see teachers list of features for easy exams)
  • Challenge friends on ExamGeneral or through the ExamGeneral FaceBook application
  • Sell easy exams to other students (activate option in preferences - PayPal account is required)
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