What's new in ExamGeneral

Features just added

Detailed Exam Statistics

Advanced statistics compare students' results question per question.

A graph shows the percentage of valid responses received for each question, and a pop-up table shows, for each question, the distribution of the responses.



Graded Certificate 

Upon completion of an exam with a passing grade, the student can now have the option to dowload a personalized and graded certificate. The option to offer the certificate is selected when the exam is created.

After completing the exam, the student will see this link if eligible for a certificate:

The certificate will show the student name, the exam title, the grade, and the teacher's name.

 Public and Secret URL exams can be tracked

When creating an exam, the teacher can request that the system track all students who take the exam.

When tracking is enabled, the student will be notified at the beginning of the exam, and the teacher will receive a message containing the student name and the grade obtained.


Teachers can see which of their exams have tracking enabled because they have a little eye icon next to their title in the exam list:


Display the value of each question during the exam

The weight (number of points) assigned to each question is shown in the question header:


Student profile improvements
Now teachers are informed about the scheduled exams, classes and graded exams of their students. Just open a student profile to get this information.

Teachers can now change the end date of an exam
The start date and the end date of an exam can now be updated, even if the exam is already started

Shuffle the questions order for the exams
Teachers can define that questions are shuffled during an exam. Each student will take the exam with a different questions order.

Set automatic comments in the students result page
Teachers can set automatic comments on their exams questions. These comments can be generic, or different if the answer is right or wrong.

Teachers can hide exam questions after a period
Teachers can set a period for the availability of the questions / answers of an exam. After this period, the students will only see their score, but not the questions and their answers.

Teachers can also define manually if answers are available or not

Export exam results enhancement
Teachers can now export results for an exam, question by question

No more confirmation during registration
The confirmation was a problem for students that needed to register to take an exam urgently, and did not receive the confirmation immediately. You will still receive a confirmation after registration, but no confirmation is required

Associate a question with a Google document

If you sign up to ExamGeneral with a Google account, you can now join Google documents to your questions.

assign document to a question

These documents can be opened and read by the students when they take the exam.

open a document in a question

Associate a course chapter with a Google document

If you signup to ExamGeneral will a Google account, you can now join Google documents to your chapter.

assign a document to a chapter

These documents will be available for the students in the corresponding class, by selecting the course.

student open a course linked to a class

a student read the document linked to a course

Export the exam results

Teachers can now export the student's results for their exams. In the exam review page, the "export grades" button is generating a CSV or a Google document containing the results

export grades

Moreover, teachers can now review the results, even if the exam is already released.

Choose your exports separator

You can now define the separator character used in the CSV export. This options is available in your account

define csv separator

Teachers can set an exam's duration in easy and advanced exams

 A new field appears in the exams creation form, and let you define the time the student has to take the exam

 duration added in exams


The teachers can define a start date and an end date for an exam on easy mode

It was possible to define a start date and a end date for an exam on advanced mode. Now it is also possible on easy mode. If defined, the exam will not be available before the start date, and will be closed after the end date.

The exams answers are saved even if the student does not save his exam.

 As a teacher, you can now review the student answers, even if they do not save their exam.

New exams timer

The timer of the exams

 new timer

The dashboard tables have been resized to display more information

Columns have been enlarged to display more information in the user's dashboards

 columns have been enlarged

Exams layout improved 

Some improvements have been done on the exams layout

Emails notifications have been improved

Some improvements have been done on the notifications layout, to have a better communication against the users

You can now remove your account

Users can now remove their account in the settings page

TAX ID is no more requested to create a sold exam

 You do not need now to enter the TAX ID to sell an exam

Google apps bugs fixed