About Us

ExamGeneral is a professional global exam service provider. Our services are absolutely free to teachers and students. For Institutions, organizations and companies as well as professionals offering fee-exams are charged a set amount or percentage for our services.
The users of ExamGeneral.com are mostly the following: Educational Institutions, Teaching Professionals and Students. However, employers are becoming a large part of our ExamGeneral.com growth. More employers are using our site to administer their new hire evaluation, as well as their annual refresher training and quality control program implementation.

Teaching Professionals 

Our professors come from a variety of occupations. Join our elite group of professional educators today!

Why are more professors moving towards the electronic era? Generating exams electronically and having students taking them online have several advantages:

Without stating the obvious, efficiency and convenience are the greatest advantages to both the professor and the student alike. In a paperless driven society electronic exam taking becomes more attractive to students and creates a more automated grading process for the professor. It also allows working adults the flexibility of being able to take a test directly from their own computer without having to come into a classroom.

ExamGeneral also offers proctored examination capabilities for in-class testing and monitoring.

ExamGeneral.com allows professors the ability to predefine questions per subjects and chapters, generate custom exams on the fly in seconds, and upload exam(s) directly to the website. Once the exam is on the website, the professor would just invite student(s) to the appropriate exam.

Vocational and Corporate trainers are also welcome! Companies and Vocational Training Centers can register and set up internal testing for certification and qualification of potential employees; as well as allow current employees the ability to refresh their skills and update their training and certification online.


A driver’s education school can offer its customers the convenience of training on sample tests online when preparing for drivers license exam.


While most test takers are students directed to ExamGeneral.com by a professor at an educational institution or vocational training center, many are not. As previously stated, many employers are using ExamGeneral.com to administer their training online; therefore, your employees can become our students!

Special Thanks

ExamGeneral is a service created,  developed and hosted by Kimind.