ExamGeneral for Google Apps

ExamGeneral Institution Dashboard ScreenshotExamGeneral for Google AppsTM is a special version of ExamGeneral dedicated to Institutions, organizations and companies using Google Apps domains as their email and collaboration solution.

ExamGeneral is available through the Google Apps MarketplaceTM and can be associated to any edition of Google Apps : Google Apps Standard Edition, Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Education Edition.

By associating ExamGeneral to Google Apps, the Google Apps administrator is creating automatically an ExamGeneral Institution account, which will be useful to manage global list of teachers and students.

Once ExamGeneral registered with Google Apps, any teacher or student having an account in the Google Apps domain will be able to access ExamGeneral through the Google Apps' universal navigation link and will have automatically created a teacher or student ExamGeneral's account.

These accounts will be automatically associated to the ExamGeneral Institution account and like this the global administration for the institution will be able to manage classes, assign teachers to classes, allow students to register to their classes, create courses, tests and exams. Teachers will then be able to assign exams to classes and have them taken by the students in time.

The institution will then be able to manage globally teachers, students, classes, courses, exams, scores, sell exams, etc.

To register ExamGeneral with your Google Apps account, please go to the ExamGeneral for Google Apps listing in the Google Apps marketplace or click the button below.

To know more about ExamGeneral, you can view this short video explaining the concepts behind our services: