Student Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide all students with a step-by-step procedure on how one can:

1. Sign-up on

2. Joining an Institution's class

3. Joining Teacher's class

4. View and take your exams

5. Selling exams and other options


1. Signing up on


By clicking directly on the green "sign-up" button from our home page, you can  immediately sign up for our services.

There are three top reasons why students should sign-up for ExamGeneral:

  • To enjoy the site, challenge their friends and browse additional items through the site,
  • Because they have received an invitation from an instructor to join a class and take an exam
  • Because they have received an e-mail invitation from a class of an institution to sign up and take exams. Simply click the invitation link which will take you to the following Student Signup form. Fill in the form in order to register as a student and enjoy the site: 
  • Choose a username and a password. Entering a correct email is important to confirm your registration. Don't forget your username! it can't be retrieved for the moment (will change in next version).
  • You should document correctly your country and time zone of residence, in order to take the exams in due time.
  • Type the two words in the Captcha (this is to avoid machine registration)
  • Click on the Submit button

You must then follow the instruction in the email message that has been sent to your e-mail address to confirm your membership for the first login. Check in your "Spam" box if you can't find that message. Once your account has been activated you can sign in to ExamGeneral.


You are now registered!

To log in and edit your account:

  • Click on "log in" on the tab bar. Enter your username and password. Click on Sign in.
  • Click on "Edit my profile"
    • In "Account information" you can change your account email and password information, and choose to receive an email before each examination.
    • In "Personal information", you can add information, and adjust for instance privacy levels for all your information.
    • In "Preferences", you can add personal tags, change your language and time zone, and check or uncheck help hints.
    • The "Institution" tab shows the institutions you have joined. See step 2.
    • The "Create/Sell Exams" tab allows you to create and sell easy exams to other students (Exam creation option may be activated independently from selling option which requires a PayPal account)  

2. Joining an Institution's class


Part 1

After joining an institution, you can join one of its classes and take its exams. From your "Dashboard" click on "Edit my profile", click the "Institutions" tab, click "Join institution" and paste the registration code that you have been given by the institution in the pop-up window.


You can of course join several institutions, by reiterating the above. The names of institutions you have joined appear in the institution list. At any moment, you can revoke your registration to an institution.


Part 2

You should have received an email from your institution, with an invitation to join one or several classes. Go to your Dashboard, and click on "Join class", under the "My classes" title.
Enter the Class ID that has been communicated to you and click join.

The list of classes that you have joined will then appear as shown below:

3. Joining a Teacher's class


The procedure is same as above (refer directly to Part 2 of "Joining a class of an institution").



4. View and take your exams

After joining classes, you will see the exams scheduled for your classes under  "My Scheduled exams".
 You must take your exams online, in the time frame mentioned. Make sure your time zone is correctly set in the Preferences of your Profile.

Taking an exam
  • Click on the test you want to take. Answer to the questions. Some questions may be essays, others true-false, ponderated or multiple choice questions. Texts, web pages, images, slideshows or videos may have been added for you to comment.
  • Questions may have a limited time to answer. In that case, you will see a countdown clock. You are taking your examination in real conditions!

Viewing the results

  • You can only view the results after the examination time is over for all students, and it has been corrected by your teacher. You can check the status of the exam you took in the exam table.


5. Selling exams and other options


Selling exams

As a student, you can also create your own exams, and sell them to other ExamGeneral users.

Prior to designing an exam you'll first need to activate this option inside your Profile: My Dashboard/Edit My Profile

Selling Exams requires a valid PayPal Account. You may then define your default exam fee.

Purchase and Sales Dashboards enable you to follow-up your performances.


Setting up other options

From your dashboard, you can add friends and view your exams statistics.
In the Friends column, you can see your current friends, and requests to be added as friend. Remember you can choose the information you want your friends to see or not in the "Personal Information" tab of your profile.