Use Cases has many potential uses! To inspire you here are a few examples:


Whatever the subject or grade you are teaching, our application allows you to quickly build, manage and deploy online multi-media rich content, with various kinds of questions. Need to create a geography test? Attach a map to your questions! Once your questions are submitted, we will generate the exam for you with one click!

Manage your virtual class’ and test preparation online as you would do in the real world.

Some of the other ways teachers are using ExamGeneral: study aides, class evaluations, pop quizzes, mid-terms, final exams, surveys, class reviews, vocabulary tests, and foreign language exams that include audio and video.

Employers is a perfect fit for any training situation. There is nothing to prevent you from generating online certification program in order to test your employees regularly without the difficulties, of managing their periodic training and certification assignments, collecting their results and allowing them to prepare it by practicing on previous tests.

Employers are finding ExamGeneral to be a quick and easy way to test their employees.  ExamGeneral provides flexibility and ease for taking and administrating exams.  Employers are using ExamGeneral for corporate training, certifications, job compliance, skill evaluation, and employee evaluations.  Some employers have taken it one step farther and are now doing pre-interviews using online exams.  This allows the employer to prescreen a candidate and save the employer time and money. 


Many entrepreneurs are finding ways with ExamGeneral to create their own businesses.  Exam preparation is one of the most utilized services.  Some of the exam preparation courses are for: graduate admission, college admissions, medical licensing, nursing, bar review, health sciences, education certification, real estate, IT certification, US citizenship, building and construction, and accounting/finance. 


Recently we had someone open their own driving school using ExamGeneral.  Using multiple-choice questions with pictures and video attached the company was able to deploy exam templates an unlimited number of times to students.  Using the statistics results progression the student was able to know when they were ready to take the real driving test.  This provided the perfect environment for the student to prepare for the final exam!